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Sample username/password
is test/test. (Home dir /test)

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Due to my current workload, I am unable to continue supporting phpShare in the near future. I may start work on 0.7 (which will be a complete rewrite- 0.6 is an absolute joke) sometime around December, but I can't promise anything.

I've made a few more minor changes over the last month or so. Mainly-
  • Fixed up a bug with IE that messes up the filename
  • Cleaned up some of the forms
Also, I've added a link to my resume on the left. It's there because I need a job. Hire me.
Created a new theme - Slash.
Fixed up the Login and Options pages to look better
Made up a png logo (If anyone wants to make me a decent one, feel free)

I've been getting a lot of emails about uploading multiple files (i.e. whole directories) at once. While it is possible to add extra upload fields to the page, it is *impossible* to batch upload files. You would still need to click browse and select each file individually, which defeats the purpose. If you need to do this, use FTP. Thats what its for. The same principle applies for downloading.

However, I plan on adding tar/zip support, so you can select the files you want, and phpShare will tar/zip them up for you. (and vice versa for uploading). I'm currently busy with Uni work, but will get this done when I get a chance

The other thing that I get a lot of emails about is passwords. When you create a user file, you set $pass to the md5 hash of the password. I have included a script (pw.php) that generates the md5 hash for you. The command line version found in most systems will not work.

Last but not least, I havn't updated the README file in a long time, and most of the stuff in it is still from 0.5. The latest documentation is on this site, so please use that instead.

Been very busy, and havn't made any significant updates for a while. Don't worry- I'm still alive and maintaining phpShare :-)

Also, since Yahoo! has just announced that they will no longer give Free POP3 Access or Email forwarding, and there is no way I'm paying for the terrible service I'm currently getting, I'm changing my email address to james(at)

Error in the Documentation. When creating users, you should use $pass=, not $password=

New Monitor and hardrive arrived (Finally). Without the green blurry tint of my old one, all my themes suddenly looked crap. Changed the default one to metal and altered it slightly. Now If only my new video card would hurry up and get here...

Lots of nasty security holes in phpShare. (Really obvious ones too. Can't believe I missed em) I've fixed them and released beta2

Released 0.6beta1

Got around to writing some documentation.

Oh dear. I just ran this page through w3c's HTML and CSS validator. *shakes head*.
my HTML was a total mess, and the CSS... *shudder*.
Well, I've corrected pretty much everything, and apart from a few teeny little things, I'm now HTML4.01 and CSS2 compliant. :)
Just realised the alternating row colors looked really crappy when you turned on file information. What was I thinking? *gasp*!
Well, I fixed that now.

I also made a major change I've been wanting to do for ages, but have been to lazy to do- Made the list sorted. Folders apear at the top, files below that, and it's all in alphabetical order. Much nicer

I also discovered a bug in Mozilla that prevents it from logging in properly. Not sure why, every other browser works, and it only seems to happen on the Sourceforge server. weird.

Ok... I finally put up a proper website. Yay!
It was actually the start of a portal site I was making, but decided to make it into
the home page for phpShare

I made lots of small changes to phpShare, mainly got rid of the ugly alternating column colors, and changed to alternating row colors.